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    can anyone help me! how do i transfer Video tapes(camcorder) to DVD, what is required to perform this task

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    Basically you need to do the following:-

    1. Capture your footage from your camcorder onto a PC using a Firewire connection

    2. Edit your footage on the PC - remove bits you don't want, add titles etc. Movie Maker comes as part of Windows XP (v2 is a free download as part of SP2). There are many other programs that you can buy, but the 2 that appear to be the most popular are ULead Video Studio and Sony Vegas Movie Studio.

    Trials are available for download here:-

    I personally prefer Vegas. Although I am using the 'Professional' version I did try the consumer version and found it to be very easy to use and very stable.

    Of course, you may want to go straight in at the deep end and spend £500 or more on Professional programs such as Sony Vegas or Adobe Premier.

    3. Once your footage is edited, you need to prepare it for putting onto DVD (Authoring). This involves adding menus and chapters, if you want. Movie Maker won't (I don't think) do this for you, but Ulead and Sony's programs will.

    4. The final footage now needs to be compressed into MPEG2 format (sometimes this is done prior to authoring) and put into Video Disk format which basically consists of 2 Folders Audio_ts and Video_ts which contain the files (only the video_ts folder gets used). Again this is done by the above programs.

    5. Finally, the files are burnt onto DVD. Again this can be done by the above programs or by another program such as Nero.

    Don't be surprised that when you're rendering your footage it takes many hours, this is quite normal. I normally start my rendering before I go to bed so it's completed by the morning.

    Hope this helps.

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