Help! Tosh 42wt29 problem?



Bought this TV a month ago and on the whole am very happy with the picture but have a problem that is really annoying me. In very dark films and on the credits of movies when the screen goes really dark there is a noticeable vertical line down the screen where the blacks seem to be different shades on either side of the line, darker on the right hand side of the screen. The split is not right down the middle of the screen just slightly to the right of centre. Anyone else have this problem or is there a problem with my TV. Anyone with the same TV or 50wt29 put a dvd on and skip to the credits and have a look for this vertical line down the screen just right of centre, see if you can see the blacks are 2 different shades and let me know what its like. Does anyone think I have a case for asking for a replacement TV or is there anythink I can try with the TV settings to get rid of this problem without voiding the warranty!





I have the Tosh 42wh18b and i have vertical bands on the screen too. I have one on the left of the screen about 5 inches in from the edge and another near the centre. I only notice them on dark scenes and somtimes VERY light scenes. I had a lot of problems since I bought my first widescreen just over 1 year ago. So much so that Currys have replaced them 7 times. This is my first Tosh and it is by far the best. However I remember the Sony and the Panny also had vertical bars somwhere on the screen. I think it is a common fault to most widescreens. hth



I have a 42 WH 18 P and can see nearly the same behavior. But it only seems to be visible on signals passing the tuner. Switching to a video input and seeing the same station on the VCD the "fault" is not visible. And I have never seen such a behavior watching DVD.

I think the reason can be a DVD or VCR with a bad electromagnetic shielding.

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