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Discussion in 'Blu-ray & DVD Players & Recorders' started by Lord Axl, Apr 1, 2004.

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    Hi.First of all,sorry for my English,it isn't very good.I've just got a Pioneer Dv868Avi and I wanna ask some advices about it. 1.I've connected it to a Denon 3803 with a coaxial (digital) cable and also with the 5.1 analogue output (for Dvd-Audio & SACD) to the "Ext in" input of the Denon.I've also connected the "Audio 2ch" output to the analog "Dvd" input on the 3803.About this last thing,if the 5.1 output is connected,to listen to cd audio do I have to connect also the "Audio 2ch" output or it's the same without it,I mean the "Front" output on the dvd "replace" the "Audio 2ch" output?And 2.With Dvd-Video....with the coaxial digital cable and also the 5.1 analog cables both connected to the Denon,I was asking me...by default the Denon choose the digital (coaxial in this case) input in DD,DTS streams I think...and if I manually select "Ext In" on the Denon it's the dvd that decode the stream instead of the amply,is it right?Last,what do you think of this dvd player?I use for now only Rgb (for Christmas I'll get a DLP) on a Sony 16:9 50 hz,video interlaced for me is just magnificient and for cd audio (I must try Dvd-Audio,SACD) I also think it's a very good player for a dvd player.Thanks a lot in advance,bye.LORD AXL

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