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A while ago I was watching a music video channel which I think is called clubland that broadcasts on freesat here in the U.K. Music videos that were shown while I watched were Army by Ellie Goulding, and Clarity by Zedd. There was also another music video which is the one I am trying to identify. To the best of my memory the video is set in a small cafeteria-style shop, and with an elderly man (I think) sitting alone at a table with his back towards a window. All appears normal until someone else comes to the table at which time a curiously spooky kind of animated almost monster-like snake head emerges from the elderly mans mouth and proceeds to begin eating everything, which in turn then sprouts more animated heads. I have a vague recollection the artist might have had a kind of name that might be possibly Japanese, but I cannot be certain on that. My description of the video might be flawed in many areas, because it is a long time ago, and despite watching with interest on and off ever since I have yet to see this video shown again, or been able to find it by entering searches in to Google. Presumably it must be well known to have been shown on music television, but hey, I can't find out what it is! Any constructive suggestions appreciated. :)

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