Help to identify UK horror / psychological film.....


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Hi , I need help to identify a film title that I cannot remember for the life of me despite trawling the internet and film listings. Help would be much appreciated.

plot as I can best remember and details, some of these may not be 100% correct.

UK based film within last 20 years, possibly shot north England or in rural setting.

Guy is his 40s maybe ex solider looking for his sister, film starts with him briefly meeting a lady on a hill while he is walking, next to a tower or chimney, they have brief conversation he goes on his way.

Guy then decides to stay the night in a shepherds hut / bothy on a hill side, evidence someone else is staying, he starts looking through belongings and he either finds a picture of his sister / susses out that whoever else is staying there is a killer. A unknown make maybe in his 60s come in the hut and the main guy and him start to chat before main guy confronts him and then kills him /maybe some elements of black magic going on.

Main guy later meets some Russians / polish travellers in a field who say they are there for a local festival that happens once a year.
Main guys goes to festival at night and I think he ends up chasing a teenager / child for some reason.
Later a scene in a house where main guy is making cup of tea in the kitchen and a lady and man are in front room, main guy knows one of them and I think might kill someone.

Film ends in a cave / cavern where the main guy ends up confronting what he thinks is the devil but on closer inspection is himself.....

I may have got some elements wrong but any help would be appreciated. Not kill list, or dead mans shoes or apostle.... cheers dan

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