Help to diagnose problem please?


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Hi to you all, have purchased a Panasonic reciever from fleebay for the mother in law so she can get freesat at her new place. Card arrived this week and went over to plug it all in.

A dish was up and looked like it was int he right direction :) So thought it was worth a punt.

Now its all in weve an issue, some channels will run and some show no signal recieved.

For example Channel 4 is ok, But no ITV Yorkshire, from memory Channel 5 and its Lfe and US channels werent working either.

Happy that the card is active so I assume either the lnb is gone or could it be the dish isnt quite aligned? Or i guess could it be the tuner perhaps?

Looking too see what the wise say as ive another lnb in the loft we could play with but if its a dish issue im leaving well alone :)

Thanks in advance


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No point guessing.
Make sure your unknown model Panasonic digibox has up-to-date firmware.
Test it at a friend's house (or your house).
If it works OK there, you've narrowed the problem down to dish, LNB, cable, connections, signal blockage or local interference. Eliminate them one by one.

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