Help to Determine Location of Atmos Speakers

Where would you place the atmos speakers?

  • Top Front

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  • Top Middle

    Votes: 6 85.7%

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Deleted member 826483

Hi Everyone -

Looking to update my current family room to bring it more in-line with general recommendations regarding TV height, speaker placement, etc.

To give you an idea of my current setup: Family Room - Update in Progress

The last picture in here is a 3D model I put together to illustrate my plans. Basically, I'm moving the TV to the side wall and lowering it to recommended height. I'll then move the speakers to accommodate it. My rear back/surrounds will be on the side walls at 90* or a little more, depending on stud location. If any of that seems off, please let me know.

My real question is about the atmos speakers I have in the ceiling. I can either set them to Top Fronts and place them on the TV-side of the pitched ceiling near the pitch. Or I can set them up as Top Middles and place them directly over the MLP (however, they would be slightly angled towards the center of the room. To be honest, when I'm sitting below them right now, it sounds like they're right above me - meaning the pitch isn't having much of an impact. Furthermore, I can aim the tweeter down rather than out, to help locate the sound even more.

That said, where would you guys recommend placing the atmos?

Thanks in advance.

Deleted member 826483

I think I'd go for them as top middle above you.
Thanks for the reply. I think this is the route I’m going to go. We just setup the new couch so I’ll start working on moving the speakers in a bit.

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