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I have a dj controller with 2 x 1/4" TRS outputs

2 powered monitors KRK Rokit 8 with 1 input TRS balanced, 1 XLR and 1 RCA unbalanced for each monitor.

The controller is connected to each monitor with a cable 1/4" TRS balanced and XLR female.

In the past I also had a Rokit subwoofer and the controller was connected to the subwoofer (cable 1/4" TRS balanced and XLR female) and then subwoofer to monitors with cables XLR male and female. So, all balanced.

Now I plan to buy a new powered subwoofer but this only have 4 high level inputs (L+, L-, R+, R-) and 4 outputs (L+, L-, R+, R-) with banana type connector and RCA in (L&R) and out (L&R) for Aux that in my case I believe I should not use.

I believe I cannot use the cables I already have (1/4'' TRS x XLR), and replace the XLR by banana because banana is unbalanced, correct?

Also the other 2 cables XLR male and female are also useless for the same reason, correct?

Any advise?


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My KRK sub (V12 S2) has pass through with a cross over. Basically you connect the mixer/soundcard XLR outputs to the sub, and then another pair of XLR cables to the monitors. Level balancing, crossover frequency etc is controlled on the sub.

Mine also has a foot switch to let me bypass the sub entirely.

You have studio orientated monitors, you should probably look at studio orientated subs with integrated cross over and pass through, not some consumer hifi orientated thing with high level inputs. While the rockit sub isnt that great, there are (or used to be) plenty of options that are very good. I have had this one for a long time and for music it is still far better than any AV sub that I have come across that isnt silly money.

If you really want to switch over to a consumer hifi orientated sub, then maybe you should also switch over to conventional hifi amp and speakers to keep over the connectivity straight forward, however most likely you will end up loosing the option for in-line crossover to the main speakers.
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