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I need 42" LED TV for about 900 USD. I will use it as monitor for PC, to watch movies in 720p and 1080p (HDTV remux).

1. I'm thinking about buying LG 42LM615S, or maybe i should overpay and buy LG42LM620S, is it worth it?
2. The 42LM615S have MCI (Motion Clarity Index) 200Hz, and 42LM620S have MCI 400Hz. Could someone please translate this marketing gimmick to real Hz?
3. Should i even care about refresh rate, because i will use TV as monitor for PC via HDMI, and as far as i know PC GPU does not provide over 60Hz.
4. Are these two LGs better than Philips 42PFL4007H/12?
5. Maybe someone could advise something better than these LGs? For about 900 USD.


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I am thinking on the same lines as you should buy the LG 42LM615S or a LG 42LM620T but by the looks of things nobody knows ( unless someone want to prove me wrong ) :)
I was looking to buy the LG 42LM620T being a 3D smart TV till I bought the LG BP620 (3D blu Ray with built in WiFi plus all the attributes of a smart TV) and now I am wondering what other none Smart TV which is 3D but there are so many and hard to tell which is the bust buy ie value for money. . .I am a great believer in . ." something you can pay a lot more for very little more and some things you can pay a lot less for not much less" ( if you get my drift) so help would be appreciated

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