Help to acheive the best from CD,s from a cinema setup!


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Hi I am in a position where I am sure I could improve my audio from a CD source significantly without purchasing a dedicated HiFi amp but adding a dedicated CD player. My question is how much money and which product would I have to demo to acheive this as a replacement over using my Marantz 9600 DVD player.

Obviuosly the marantz does produce a good sound but I am convinced this could be bettered with a dedicated player without having to add another amp.

My components are shown below.

Many thanks in advance for your help


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If you didn't want another unit taking up space in your rack, I would be tempted to "clock" your DVD player.

After doing this mod' to my own DVD player the CD playback along with better DVD sound & picture playback was astonishing :thumbsup:

Highly recommended:)


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Thanks for that, I must admit I don't know anything at all about "clocking" so what are the pro's and cons for this and has anybody else done this giving there views.
At the end of the day I would rather not alter a DVD player costing £1500 unless it was completely safe but to have a dedicated CD player and use the DVD player for films only.


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If your player is under warranty then it will void that :eek:

However , I think the cost effectiveness will raise your DVD player into a whole new league.

You can see a thread in this section about me clocking a Marantz CD6000 with lot's of other's having done the same thing comment on it.

Of course , my recommendation is you have some one do it who knows what they are doing ;)

I can promise you wont regret it - and maybe you'll even make your own thread about the transformation :smashin:

Otherwise look at CD players at around the £800 level to break away from what your DVD player is delivering.



Pro's & Con's

Con's - warranty void

Pro's - Music -Less Grain. More Resolution. More Transparency. Smoother and extended Highs. Tight, Deep and Fast Bass. Most importantly, a more musical presentation to the sound.

Pro's - Film - Sharper Image. Less Noise and Artifacts. Truer Colours. Blacker Blacks. More Contrast. More detailing in the Video.


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I must admit this does seem interesting! what sort of price would you say to overclock the player? would you say once overclocked the music side would resemble a CD player costing £800 or more.

My player is officially out of warranty but my supplier has fixed the player out of warranty due to faults with the firewire connection so it would have to be really worth it to go down that road!

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