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Hi to All,

First of all let me warn you that I am really a newbie in this issues. All I know is press eject and play on my dvd player... So please be patient with my questions.

My excelent dvd player (a very old Emerson - I know that maybe nobody knows about it....) just died.
I would like to buy a new DVD player. So after reading a magazine, I decided that the best buy should be the Denon DV1930. When I went to the store to buy it the guy told me that that player have some issues with the lip sync, and that I should buy the Cambridge Audio DV89 that has the same image quality, the same price and no lip sync problem. I decided I had to investigate better this CA DV89, and I found this forum. What made things more confusing to me...
After reading some threads on this forum I decided that maybe I wanted the Oppo 981. Now will start my questions:
My tv is a Samsung PS42V6S - 42" plasma TV - widescreen - 480p (also not new). The conector types are: 1 DVI, 1 component video input ( RCA phono x 3 ) and 2 SCART. Can I connect the Oppo to my tv? I know it sounds weird, but I seem to remember that the Oppo has only HDM connector...

With my old DVD player I used to see some degradee issues... it was really bad. Is this a problem of the TV or this could be a problem of the DVD player? I'm asking this because I read here something about Macroblocking (that I didn't know what it was, but after read about it, I think I recognize that to be my problem). Can a good dvd player solve this problem?

Between this 3 DVD players, which one would you advise to me?

Thanks everybody for your time, and sorry for my english and long text




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Try repeating your question directly in the oppo981 thread. I can't help you myself but Nic Rhodes is knowledgable and should be able to.


I think you should be able to connect the oppo to the dvi input with a hdmi-dvi connector.

the big benefit of the oppo is the way it upscales dvd's to near hd quality - and it really does.
so if you only have a SD tv, it wont be put to full use.

unless you are planning to get a full hd tv in the near future then you might be able to get something cheaper that performs as well with SD.

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