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Discussion in 'Cables & Switches' started by mitagawafan, May 25, 2004.

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    i hope i'm at the right forum:)

    i'm going to get a large screen hdtv. it is the sony grand wega,60we610 rear lcd projection TV. i AM NOT, however, planning to put together a whole entertainment system. that may come later. for right now all i plan to use is the hdtv as a stand-alone unit.

    i will need the following i guess.....a dvd player, vhs player/recorder, and i will ask my cable service(time warner) to provide me with their hd box/with dvi connect. i guess i will have to buy a dvi cable for the box(i'm told time warner does not supply me with this).

    i'd like to know if this is all i need to put the whole thing together? my concerns also,,,,1. are there enough connections in the back of the tv to accomodate both a dvd player and vhs unit? 2. will i need dvi connections for more than just the HDbox?

    here is the link to the TV....

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