Help! Thinking of buying SONY KF-42SX300U

Discussion in 'General TV Discussions Forum' started by Marc, Jul 8, 2004.

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    Jul 8, 2004
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    I've been reading the other threads with intrigue, as I am interested in buying the Sony KF-42SX300, and since seeing i can get 30 months interest free credit from Robert Whyte, my mind is almost made up. I still have a few questions though, so i wonder if someone who owns the set could help me come to a final decision?

    1) I usually watch TV/Movies in a dark room, i prefer it that way as it's more of an immersive experience. Will the blacks be "black" when the room is dark (more or less pitch black), or will they still be grey?

    2) If the "blacks" are grey, how grey are they? For instance, would you say they are very near black, ie charcoal grey, or would they be a lighter colour, perhaps gunmetal grey?

    3) Does this "slow-down" effect that has been mentioned only affect TV signals? I don't actually watch TV, i only watch DVD's and play PS2 games on my TV, so i would like to know if these will be fine on this model.

    4) Same goes for the pixelation effect. Will it be a factor in DVD's and games?

    5) I intend to hook the TV up to my PC and use it as a large monitor, for watching DIVX movies, and playing PC games. Will the quality be acceptable for use as a monitor in these situations, and also in Windows? Using a regular CRT with tv out gives an unacceptably blurry and flickery image during windows, and a blurry image during everything else.

    6) I don't intend to buy the stand for this TV, as i would rather put it on a large desk, especially since i intend it to function as a secondary PC monitor. Will the TV Stand up safely of its own accord without the official Sony stand?

    Thanks for your time, i hope someone can help me out with some answers. I'm planning on buying a new TV in August after I move house, and thus far, this model is the only one i've found with a decent resolution (1366x768) which might just make the VGA bearable.



    PS - sorry, this is a repeat of a reply i made to another post, but i thought it would be more visible here.
  2. Mad Mikeyboy

    Mad Mikeyboy
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    Jun 23, 2004
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    I see this thread is now a week old so maybe you've already bought the set.
    Anyway i'll let you know what I found with the set.

    The "slow down" mentioned was so irritating I had to get rid of the set. I do watch a lot of TV especially football, but as you mentioned you dont so perhaps no problem for you.
    Playing my PS2 and watching DVDs was no problem on the set at all. DVDs were superb. Fast moving gaming good too.

    As for the blacks you mentioned. I cant say I ever even noticed so again I don't think you'll have a problem.
    I didn't get round to plugging my PC in so again can't comment on that.

    The one thing you will have a problem with though I think, is not using the stand. The set has a very small base which had to be screwed into the stand so it might be a bit top heavy. I hear there starting to charge for the stand soon, somewhere in the region of £300. So if your getting it free, might as well take it and try to utilise it. Either that or screw it onto your desk (if you don't mind drilling holes in it).
    All in all for your circumstances it might be a good buy for the money. but as I say forget about watching Footy on the TV.

    Or do what I did and splash out another grand for the Sagem axium. Its a much better set.
  3. emma129

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    Jun 19, 2005
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    Sony Kf-42sx300u
    I purchased the SONY KF-42SX300U yesterday and took delivery of it this morning and i am now pleased to say it is all set up and working great, i had origionally been looking for plasma but i couldn't find a set i was happy with and i got this set at a great price as my local miller brothers are shutting down and they had 20% off everything, even delivery, i have heard maybe 1 or 2 people say they are not happy with this set but on the whole people do seem to be impressed and i must say so am i and i am PICKY!!, i have no problem at all with the pictures sky+ looks great as does dvd AND ANALOGUE TV IS GREAT TOO!!! and there seems to be none of the problems that seem to inflict plasma screens, i only have one gripe, i cannot find the color or the brightness settings in the menu's (i'm stuck with using either live, movie or personal but as i cannot seem to set up a personal one of my own its too bright for me) as i didn't recieve a manual with the screen, if anyone knows how to get into the color/brightness menu then please let me know, likewise if you know where i can download one for the right model

    p.s we are watching footy on the screen now and even that looks very good, 100% better than any of the plasmas i viewed plus as far as i know this screen doesn't suffer from the screen burn that plasmas do

  4. emma129

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    Jun 19, 2005
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    Home > TV, Projector > Rear Projection TV > KF-42SX300
    Technical Specifications

    Please be aware that the features/specifications can differ from country to country

    Collapse All
    Remote Commander RM-906
    Stand SU-42SX3

    Auto Volume Adjustment YES
    BBE Sound YES
    DSP (Digital Sound Processing) YES
    Graphic Equaliser YES
    Power Output (Music) (L,R) (W) 2 x 20
    Power Output (Music) (Sub) (W) 30
    Power Output (RMS) (L,R) (W) 2 x 10
    Power Output (RMS) (Sub) (W) 15
    Sound System Virtual Dolby
    Subwoofer YES

    Box Dimensions
    Box Depth (mm) 452
    Box Height (mm) 910
    Box Width (mm) 1262

    Colour System
    NTSC 3.58/4.43 (Video In) YES
    Secam YES

    4 Pin (Y/C) In Front S-Video
    MiniJack (Head/Earphone) (mm) 3.5
    RCA Audio Out Stereo Variable
    RCA AV Input Front-AV
    RF In YES
    Scart 1 AV-In/Out; RGB In
    Scart 2 AV-In/Out; RGB In
    Scart 3 AV-In/Out; S-Video In

    Depth (mm) 370
    Height (mm) 820
    Width (mm) 1200

    General Data
    Power Consumption (Standby) (W) <1
    Power Consumption (W) 210
    Weight (Gross) (kg) 55
    Weight (Net) (kg) 37.5

    Auto Standby YES
    OSD Menu YES
    Programme Index Table YES
    SmartLink YES

    Auto 16:9 (line 23) YES
    Auto Noise Reduction YES
    Auto Wide YES
    DCI (Digital Constant Image) YES
    Digital Comb Filter YES
    Digital Noise Reduction YES
    Display Technology LCD Rear Projection
    Picture & Picture YES
    Picture & Text YES
    Screen Aspect Ratio 16:9
    Screen Size (cm) 107
    Screen Size (inch) 42
    Visible Screen Size (cm) 107
    14:9 Mode YES
    4:3 Mode YES
    Smart Mode YES
    Wide Mode YES
    Zoom YES

    Chassis LE4

    Sound System
    B/G YES
    D/K YES
    I YES
    L YES

    EPG (NexTView/Digital EPG) NexTView Level 2
    Sub Page Memory YES
    Teletext YES
    Text Menu YES
    Text Page Memory 2000

    Teletext Languages
    Danish Text YES
    English Text YES
    Finnish Text YES
    French Text YES
    German Text YES
    Greek Text YES
    Hungarian Text YES
    Norwegian Text YES
    Portuguese Text YES
    Spanish Text YES
    Swedish Text YES
    Turkish Text YES

    ACI (Auto Channel Installation) YES
    ATS (Auto Tuning System) YES
    Auto Labelling YES
    Auto Sorting YES
    Auto Start Up YES
    Channel Coverage CATV S01-S05, S1-S20, B-Q
    Channel Coverage HYPER / Satellite S21-S41
    Channel Coverage UHF E21-E69, R21-R69, F21-F69
    Channel Coverage VHF E02-E12, R01-R12, F2-F10
    ITP (Intelligent Tuner Preset) YES
    No. of Tuners 1
    Programme Memory No. 100

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