Help TH-37PX80BA dead after Digital retune today Granada


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Guys, Help !!!

Mum's TH-37PX80BA less than 12 months old is now dead after I tried a digital retune today. (Granada, Winter Hill).
Found channels during retune & then screen went blank. Power cycling does nothing. remote flashes the red led but no picture, selecting av also does nothing.Assume a firmware issue, tried calling panasonic support but not accepting calls due to high call volume. Is there a way to reset TV with no picture ?? or do we need to be sent a cam module to update firmware ??


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Emergency over for now.:)
In messing with the buttons under the flap I found that pressing and holding the up and down arrows together for about 5 seconds started the TV.:thumbsup:
Its still acting a bit odd but I'll leave it on in hope of an on Air update from Panasonic.


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i suspect the high call volumes are due to the retune not working. my re tune on the same model is not returning any analogue or dbv channels it just says none found and asks me to put an aerial in - which of course is in. if anyone finds the answer please post as panny phone line was busy.

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