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Afternoon all - Wisdom on a 2nd system I'm planning please.
Room is 4m x 4m approx, carpeted. listening position 2m directly in front at seated height

I want to include tv on a unit typically shown below (pinched off one of the lads on show us your system). Not into AV hence why I've posted here and don't want 5.1 system, subs etc.

Have a existing tv not as large as shown, can place speakers on the unit.
Have a Denon universal player allow's me to play CD's and Blu Ray.
Would like to connect turntable if unit length allows, have a TT & Phono stage.
Option to play Spotify etc - If I go with 2.) and 3.) this would be by BT or KEF App. Option 1 would have to use App on TV.

My options to date are;
1.) 2nd hand amp £150 Arcam, Denon, Marantz, small speakers; Mission, QA.
2.) Ruark MR1 MkII - Look smart very wife friendly.
3.) Kef LSX - Probably sound great above budget but willing to pay.
4.) Anything else...

2.) and 3.) add cost but willing pay given upgrades in sound quality, single box and future proofing.

One thing I'm not sure of is connecting TV, Player and TT to Options 2.) and 3.)

Thanks and over to you....


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@password1 Cheers any thoughts on the connections with the active speakers. I'd need to connect TV, Universal Player and Turntable...


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@password1 Many thanks, I'll dig out the respective specs.

At the moment I'm leaning toward a low cost but decent 2nd hand amp as once this system is set up I've no real idea how much I would use it and what sources I'd use.

I like the idea of the Kef LSX plus a turntable, but it doesn't seem viable at this stage given the above.
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