[HELP] Strange Sony DVP-NS900 Problem (NOT THE RGB SWITCHING!!!!)


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Mar 28, 2002
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I have just bought myself the Sony DVP-NS900 Multi Region from Richer sounds for £249.99 but I think it might be faulty :(

When watching a DVD, at the bottom of the screen, about 2cm up, there is a thin grey bar about 1cm think (on my 25" toshiba 4:3 TV)

On RGB it goes all the way across the screen, and on S-Video and composite (either through a scart lead or separate leads) the bar is still there although it has a gap about an inch wide exactly in the middle!!!

I have moved the picture down as far as I can get it but it won't go down far enough to mask it out :(

The stange thing is that if you don't have a disc in the machine and it just displays the sony startup screen the grey bar isn't there but as soon as it goes into 'play' mode the bar suddenly appears.

ALSO, Just noticed that the grey bar doesn't appear if you play a 4:3 film, only on widescreen films!!!!!

The TV is a Toshiba 2505DB.

Any help would be much appriciated as I really don't want to take it back as it was the last one in stock and I doubt I will get another!


Oh well, Must be just me then :(
Does your TV have a widescreen mode? I've heard of this kind of problem appearing on 4:3 RPTVs and some of the bigger 4:3 CRT units also produce a white or whitish line at the top or bottom of the screen when they're set to 16:9 mode. I don't know if the manufacturers of the TVs even consider it a fault.

I reserved mine today from Richer Sounds and will collect tomorrow. Will let you know I get on.
Hi thudspud

I also get that line on my 2505db and my player is a dav-s800 sony cinema system.

Also watch out for macrovision effect on the tv with the picture cycling between an increase and then decrease in brightness. My tosh does not like dvds at all unless they have no macrovision protection such as harry potter.

Hence I am deciding which 32" to buy around £700 - £800 mark.

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