Help sourcing a 2.4m/8ft wide unit


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I have been struggling for some time/years to find a suitable unit that would fit into a 2.4m wide recess in the lounge and would house my AV equipment. The largest unit is the receiver which 44cm deep and it seems current manufacturers make super skinny low units which sit on the ground, look sleek and don't allow any decent kit to sit inside! (Kit to include receiver, set-top box, DVD & blue-ray player plus an old media hub and PS3, X-box plus remotes, DVDs etc).

I am currently using an IKEA Stockholm unit which is not so bad in terms of its size but the receiver won't fit due to its depth and it sits on the floor underneath so the appearance is ridiculous and resembles an overgrown teenager wearing his primary school clothes :)

My next port of call is to local charity shops to see what old teak-style units they have that look respectable and which I could perhaps carve about and customise to allow connections and ventilation.

I have also searched the forum for old threads but can't find anything which sits.

Has anyone successfully overcome this problem without spending a fortune on a custom built unit?

Suggestions appreciated.




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I've been looking for the last 18 months as well, unless you have 1-2k to spend there appears to be nothing of any depth around, i also need about 450mm for my amp.

I'm even considering changing my amp as it might be easiler.

What type of unit are you after, with doors/glass, open shelves, wooden, glossy.

I'm after a wooden really so might try a few custom places


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This is a good place. They will make any size you want. I have a 2m wide 50cm deep unit in dark wood walnut colour with 2 shelves and it look great. I paid I think £400 but its custom made to your dimentions very pleased with mine.

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