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I'm building a living room from the ground up and I'm starting to look at the AV setup for it, which is all new territory for me. I'm in grave need of some advice here, mainly in terms of what type of speakers to put in. The room is about 35 sqm and is a perfect square. I am thinking of setting up a 5.1 system, mainly for home cinema, with some sort of amp (haven't figured out which one yet, but it would have to do 5.1). Regarding the speakers, I am facing two options:

Option A is to put satellites into the walls (what would be the optimal height for this?)

Option B is to just put the cabling in the walls and leave the speakers outside.

So here are my questions right now:

1 - Should I go for a sat/sub system or go for full speakers? (with or without a separate sub?) - This would be for home cinema mostly.

2- If I go for a sat/sub, would it be better to have the sats mounted into the wall, on wall stands or floor/table stands?

3- On, say, a budget of 1000 € for the speakers, what should I be looking at?

Sorry for the rather "basic" questions, but you don't really get the chance to change your mind in construction, after it's done...

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I would definitely go for satellite speakers and one or more subwoofers.

In walls can sound great but can't be tweaked by moving them when the system is being calibrated.

I'd aim to have the LCR speaker at your ear height when seated.

Try and buy a Receiver with a good room correction system to help with the inevitable bass peaks your room will create.

Good luck with your surround system.


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TY, that's a good starting point for me. I'm probably going to leave the wall installation just in case and go for a detached setup. By the way, is there a recommended height for the front/back satellites?

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