HELP sound set up problem. SONY HT-DDWG700


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Nov 11, 2009
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Hi all, i am fairly new to the home cinema scene so apologies if my question seems obvious or aloof!!:facepalm:

Ok, so i have set up my SONY HT-DDWG700 , all speakers in the correct places, auto calibration done also.

The problem i have is with dialogue, the sound fx, music, thumping bass are all ok but when someone speaks it doesnt have the same impact, its as if im slightly struggling to hear them.
Is there something i am missing, or does anyone know some small tweaks??
Thanks all...:lease:
Can you adjust the individual levels for each speaker? If so then increase the centre speaker a little to boost vocals. If it has a DRC or night mode you could also try this as it levels off the sound so reducing the effects and boosting the vocals.
What you are hearing is quite common and is due to the large dynamic range on blurays/DVD. This is probably made worse by having a poor centre speaker but even people with better speakers than yours can suffer with this issue.

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