Help!!!! Sony Str-db930


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Right where do i start, well, about 6 months ago the tweeter on one of my MS5.10's gave up ; front left channel. Until I can afford to buy new speakers I had some old "VIDEOTONE MINIMAXS" so i used them, CRAP iknow. Now the same channel , but , this time it's the mid/bass unit that's goosed, I'm not sure if it's mis-use,by teenage daughters, or a problem with amp. If it's the amp, is this MAJOR SURGERY i.e. loads of money/new amp.Has this happened to any sony 930 owners, the amp isn't 3 yet & I quite like it. Hope someone can assist, thanks. I could always jump in the Mersey I suppose.:mad:


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I only use my 930 for the centre and rear channels (pre-outs for L+R to my Hi-Fi setup). Not had any problems with the amp and it's about 3 years old now.

I've not heard of any problems with the 930 blowing speakers even though it's 100 watts per channel.


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have had my 930 for about 3 years now and never had any problems with it blowing the speakers, I'm using b+w 602 on the front and mission 77ds on the back.

I'm not that subtle when I use it either not sure if the neighbours get annoyed and they mught be banging on the walls but then again can't usually hear them over the sub.

have you asked your daughter if shes whacking up the volume as I don't think you could reasonably turn it up over halfway inside a normal sized sitting room .

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