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Help - Sony GX300

Discussion in 'Blu-ray & DVD Players & Recorders' started by partridge, Jan 2, 2005.

  1. partridge


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    Swapped the unit and now have no problems, thanks to everyone for reading my original post. :clap:

    Sorry, newbie here.

    I have just purchased a Sony gx-300 and some Sony DVD-R discs to go with it (120min - 4.7GB - 1x to 4x compatible - Version 2.0).

    I have made two recordings on 2 seperate discs in 16:9 format. The first recording was in HQ mode and should have provided 60 minutes of storage, the second (another disc) was at Sp mode and should have given 120 minutes of storage.

    Both recordings exhibited the same problem, although the recorder agrees with the recording capacity at the start of the session, the recorder stops the recording roughly half way through the session and reports that the disc is full. Finalisation is then not possible as the recorder reckons that the disc is dirty.

    Even if I only record a few moments to a blank disc and then finalise it, the disc is still not readable on any other DVD player I have (and theres 4).

    I am planning on returning the unit tomorrow, but before I do can anyone notice any obvious issue that I have not considered?

    Many thanks

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