Help!! Sony DVD Recorder RDR-HX510 connectivity issues?



Help can anyone advise on how to connect the following kit (in terms of what Scart goes in what etc. and any setting that needs to be made on the pieces of hardware) as neither Sony nor Philips have yet been able to come up with the right answer.

I have the following pieces of kit

Philips 28pw9617 tv - which has easylink (like smartlink)
Sony DVD Recorder RDR - HX510 (which has smartlink)
Sony Freeview box - VTX-D800U (which has smartlink)
Up to 3 Scart leads at my dispsal

All I want to do is to get all of these talking! Sony talked me through a setup then they said that due to their two sony products fighting for smartlink supremacy (!) I have to use the easylink on the TV, which Philips tell me is through Ext 2 at the back of the TV.

I want to be able to use the EPG on the Freeview box to record the programmes automatically withough manually keying in the TV channels.

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