Help sony cineza hs1 powered off and I don't know why


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I really hope someone might be able to help me.

I have a sony cineza hs1 projector with 600 hours witch hasn't given me any problems whatsoever in over two years.

Today it suddenly powered off, I waited a few minutes and it happened again. I read the manual and found that the yellow light was on. According to the manual, that means that the lamp is due to be replaced or that it is overheating.

The strange thing is that it cannot be heat because I've waited for two hours and the same thing happened, I also find strange that the lamp might need to be replaced with only 600 hours, especially because I can see the projected power up screen perfectly, without any color artifacts and without the warning to change lamp.

It just powers up normally, and after about 30 second it powers off again without any warnings.

When the lamp needs to be replaced it should display a warning but I don't know it would power off automatically before it even gets to the warning.

Does anyone with more experience have any ideas? Is this normal when the lamp goes out? I don't want to buy a lamp to find out that the problem is worse, in witch case I would probably better of saving some more money and replacing the unit with something more recent.

Thank you for your help


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This happened to me with my HS1

Check that the filter isn't blocked, as it reduces the efficiency of the fans quite a lot and makes it overheat.

After changing mine, the problem disappeared

Good luck:smashin:


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Thanks for the help, I’ve already tried to replace the filter, but it still happens.

I also took out the bulb and I noticed that it seems to have a little crack on the outer side. I don't know if that could be the problem, the image looks fine, for the little while I can see it.

I think it's strange that the projector turns off, without any warnings about the lamp needing to be replaced, as it is working fine.

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