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I'm about to purchase my first AV receiver (on a limited budget!) and have viewed both the Sony STR-DE400 and the Sony STR-DG500 (also viewed the more expensisve Yamaha RXV359RDS)

I believe the Sony 400 model is 5.1ch and the 500 model 6.1ch but apart from that is there any significant difference between the two?

Also will the 6.1 model work efficiently if I only have 5 speakers?

Please excuse my ignorance of these matters as I am only just starting out on the AV separates experience!

I will be grateful for your help and advice.



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you can use just 5.1 with a 6.1 model, dont worry :)

tbh if the price difference isnt a lot i'd say go 6.1 in case you want to upgrade from 5.1 to 6.1 in the future.....

if there were other differences as well then probably best to get the one with more options....ya never know when you need

of course the biggest thing to consider is which one suits your speakers best......if you can get a demo get one!.....but also consider other makes too such as Denon and Yamaha, they tend to have the best performing amps up to £1,000 with Arcam joining the fold at that point and above....

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