Help ! Sony Amp Issues ?



I have a fairly conventional set up, with Sky HD & BDP both into my Sony STR DA5500ES via HDMI for video, then one HDMI out into the TV.Video switching taking care off.

Audio is digital Coax into the Sony Amp for Sky, and via HDMI for BDP.

This morning, I could get no audio on HD channels, picture was fine, audio on standard def fine. I'm guessing some sort of DD issue with the amp, so just unplug/replug all HDMIs and the Coax. Now I have no video at all - great !

Havign experienced a switching fault with my previous Sony DA5400 (and accompanied awful costumer service from Superfi which I won't go into now), I switched the Sky HDMI into the TV direct- all fine on both video and audio, DD included. Tried similiar with BDP however, cant get a a squeak out of it, not even video direct into TV via HDMI ?Definitely nothing from either Sky or BDP if routed via amp. Cables are all QED so not cheapies.

I'm a bit lost on this one, any ideas please ??!



Anyone please ?
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