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Question HELP! Sony 810es problems


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I am getting ready to pull my hair out. I just purchased a Sony STR-ZA810ES. After hooking everything up, checking and Re-checking I tried to calibrate the machine.

Every time I try, the receiver throws a “code 33, sound is not detected from either the left or right surround speakers please ensure the surround speakers are connected to the surround terminals” I have checked, pulled out and Re-inserted the wires a dozen times, even stripped the wires for new copper, and I am still getting this code.
Furthermore, I am also getting a “code 35 surround R speaker pattern configuration does not match calibration result. Please check the surround R speaker pattern and connection”.

I am currently running a 7.1 system with klipsch in-wall and in-ceiling speakers along with a definitive technology sub. My two rear speakers are in-ceiling. When I set my configuration to the 7.1 or the 5.1 and then adding the two rear in-ceiling I continue to get the same messages. I have no clue where to turn and hope you guys can help. I have checked the connections over and over and they are in the correct ports. I’ve even done a factory reset and nothing seems to work. Ohh and by the way, this is my 2nd 810es in the last 2 days

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Hi. Just checking your set-up. The front three speakers are in wall and connected to the front left, front right and centre speaker posts of the AVR? The rear speakers are in the ceiling (unusual) and connected to the next speaker terminals along, labelled surround right and left?

Then run the easy set-up and select that you have a 5.1 speaker system. Any good?

If you can get that going well, you can then add in the remaining 2 speakers (where are they situated) to the other two speaker terminals, labelled surround back/height left and right and run the easy set-up again. This time select that you either have a 7.1 speaker system, or a 5.1.2 speaker system, depending on where those final 2 speakers are.

Don't connect any speakers to the zone 2 speaker terminals.

If you are still getting an error code about the surround right speaker, it might be that the cable is compromised somewhere in the ceiling, or has come detached from the speaker, can you get access to it in the ceiling to check.


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So yes I have the front left, front right and center channel. Then I have my left and right surround speakers that are also in wall followed by my left and right rear speakers which are in ceiling or “height speakers”


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What is the result of invoking the receiver's test tone. Do you get an auble tone via all of your speakers if configuring your setup manually as a 7.1 configuration?


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Yes, I can hear all the test tones. But What was odd, when went through and played music through the speakers, all worked except my right speaker. This was AFTER hearing the test tone.

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