Help!! Slow response from Display with Onkyo 875 amp!!


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This is my first post on this great forum and wondered if one of the very knowledgeable people on here could help me out?

I have recently purchased an Onkyo 875 amp to go along with my Pioneer 508XD display, Sky HD and PS3. I have the Pioneer connected to the Amp via the HDMI out, Sky HD connected to HDMI in 1 and the PS3 connected to HDMI in 2.

Whilst I have been very impressed with the sound from the Amp, it does appear to have added a response time issue with the display. This is most noticeable when playing a game on the PS3. When playing Fifa 2009, the game is very jerky and appears to suffer from judder! I have tried connecting the PS3 directly to the Pioneer and this appears to fix the problem. However, this option is not really viable as I will lose the sound from the amp via HDMI.

Also, I have noticed this same slow response when watching non-HD football such as Spanish Football. The picture appears to pause for a split second during the game regularly. When watching Sky Sports News, when text scrolls across the screen, this suffers from judder.

Before I bought the 875 amp, I did a lot of research and didn't find anyone reporting any of these issues. This leads me to believe that I have missed a display setting on the Amp itself.

Would be very grateful indeed for any help as this is really starting to get on my nerves!!



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Can some answer this please because i have also same slow response when watching non-HD when i applying upscaling.

Thank you in advance.

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