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Sorry if this has been asked before, but I have a Sat set up for my caravan and I am thinking of updateing my cheap SD receiver. I have seen these Skybox M3 Free To air receiver on the net, at a very cheap price. They are
HD, small in size and have PVR via usb and an added bonus for use in the caravan they work off 12v. All seems too good to be true.

What I would like to know, if anybody has used one.

I just want it for viewing tele whilst caravaning all the channels I get on my current SD Freesat. Will it work straight out of the box the same as Freesat or do I need to add other bits of kit on to it etc.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks in Advance


This isn't about Freesat and the only references that Google throws up to the machine are to something in the US.
Do you have a link to it?

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Appears to be another Openbox type clone:


To the OP you will get all the SD and HD free (Freesat) channels if the dish is pointed at 28.2/5e. However it will not sort them into order you will have to do that manually if you wish. It will not automatically update the channel list so again you will need to do that manually. Basically its a generic FTA receiver. Also looks like the USB socket is on the front, which may or not be an issue for you.
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The Skybox is very similar to the Openbox, don't know if they are clones or built by the same company. The Openboxes are good for the money. The older S10 doesn't show full names on it's channel lists which can be annoying but apart from that they work well enough for £55. I believe they sorted the channel name length on later models.

Neither are Freesat receivers but generic satellite receivers, so you'll only get now/next EPG and not 7 days, no red button, no ondemand services and you'll have to rescan for channels whenever any change transponders. Plus channel number will be allocated as the channels are scanned in and so won't be the same as on a Freesat receiver.

It will work out of the box you'll just need to select 28.2E in the setup menu and scan for channels. It won't hold your hand and do it automatically like a Freesat receiver would.


OK - let us know.

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