HELP ** Sky+ HDD problem... all recordings lost ?



just got back from 12 days away over Xmas to find my new MAXTOR 7200 120 GB HDD was nice and full with all the stuff I programmed it to record. Everything seemed to be there, but one recording was listed twice. Checked a few recordings and they seems fine (apart from loss of first / last minutes on some due to schedule overlaps)..

While skipping thru one recording at 30x fast frwd, then pressing <play> (normally not a problem), an error occured whereby the sound came though but the screen was stuck on the recorded programmes' info pane with a couple of other things superimposed. Didn't respond to <backup> key. Had to press <Sky> key.

After switching off and unplugging the mains lead for a few seconds is when the trouble started...
It now says there are NO LISTINGS (recordings) in the Sky+ Planner and it will NOT ACCEPT any new recording commands (says "this programme cannot be recorded... contact Sky"). It's as if it can't find the HDD anymore.

I put the original disk back in and everything is fine... still shows all the recordings on that disk and will accept new recording commands.

Put the new disk back in again and still the same problem... The receiver is working fine on all my pay channels (w. full strength / qlty signal on both LNB inputs)... it just won't accept new recording commands (even manually entered) and will not show any listed recordings

HELP... !!

I guess that smthg got messed up in one of the recorded files which is preventing the box from correctly accessing the disk... and my worst fear is that the ONLY way to correct it is to do a FULL SYSTEM RESET... and that this will cause loss of all recordings

BUT - is there another way to do a 'partial reset' which will NOT cause loss of the the 70+ hours of recordings ?!



thanks, but...

I don't see any info on that page about solutions to the problem...

only states that a problem like this has been seen before


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