Help should I buy BOSE Acoustimass 10 system


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First ever post on here so apologies if not quite correct.

I have a Denon 1610 amp which I bought last year and I am looking to get some decent speakers for it. My wife is quite specific that the speakers should look nice... I know... I on the other hand would like ones that will sound great with what I believe is quite a warm sounding amp.

Here is my problem, I have been looking at the Bose Acoustimass 10 setup however I am concerned that the system is now 5 years old and before I go out and spend my hard earned cash wanted to know if it is likely to be replaced soon by a newer model or if there is anything on the market similar in size for about £850.

I will be mostly watching movies with it and at some point will probably get an ipod docking station for the amp as well.

All help would be greatlly appreciated.


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You have a good budget there.. maybe have a gander at some kef speakers or some xtz speakers.... both make some very good looking and sounding speakers.


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Anything from Bose is generally way overpriced for the quality of what you get. I'd recommend you look elsewhere to be honest.


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Thank you for the replies.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to what would be good quality speakers that are not too intrusive and that will work well with a Denon 1610.


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Some dealers offer AVR/Speaker Packages and THIS combo has popped up before.

That speaker package is available HERE.Are these subtle enough for the good lady? Maybe too Subtle.In any event,They're certainly better value than the Bose System.

Good luck,



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Do you think the wharfedale diamond 10 speakers would go with the Denon amp. The Boston ones look okay but I really do want the best sound possible for my budge, which I know is not great.

Any suggestions would be great.

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