Help: Sharing files from a Win2K - MCE2005?


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I'm using an old Windows 2000 machine with a bunch of HDD in as a fileserver for our home. The main consumer of the media on the PC is the MCE2005 HTPC, although I also share to my desktop. The media is shared by making some folders - eg. "pictures" and "music" shared on the network for all users, all access.

When I click on "My Network Places" on my desktop machine (WinXP Pro) I can view the folders on the fileserver every time. However, from the MCE machine, whenever I have restarted it, it always asks for a username and password (the username is always remembered, and there IS no password!).

This means that every time the MCE machine is rebooted, it loses all the shares - pictures etc that is has in the menus. I have to drop to the desktop, access the network shares by clicking on the and entering the (non-existent) password, and then the machine begins to 'see' the folders again.

Does anyone have any idea what's going on, and how I can fix it?!

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