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Yet another new user to Home cinema! :D I have just purchased the following items (bit of an impulse buy) My wife offered to buy me a brand new TV and blu ray player as a late Christmas present, I of course accepted. So after a quick read on the AV forums I headed off to Richer Sounds and purchased the following. Panasonic VIERA TXP50ST30 with two pair of 3D glasses, PANASONIC DMPBDT310 MR and yet another impulse buy..... I blame the RS sales person who *cough* talked me into buying the ONKYO TXNR609 much to the annoyance of my good wife :rolleyes:

I asked about leads and I was informed I could get the system going with just two cables [email protected] HDMI 1.5mtr and [email protected] Optical Digital Interconnect .75mtr When I got home and got everything UN-boxed I soon realised I didn't have a clue as to how to set this lot up? :confused: I did manage to get the TV and Blu ray working, but I didn't have any way of connecting my Virgin Media VBox to the TV. It looks like I need more HDMI leads? I didn't even bother with the Onkyo :eek: I just placed it on the shelf below the TV and looked at the instructions until my eyes glazed over. I awoke upon hearing my wife giggling! Problems? Nope only solutions......that's where I'm hoping you guys might be able to help me out? :laugh:

Just to point out lads I have only just moved over to HD TV having used my trusty old Sony CRT for the last 10 years. :blush:


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Not a bad haul - some decent kit there! You're on the right lines - you connect all the sources to the Onkyo using separate HDMI leads and then another single HDMI lead from the Onkyo to the TV. You leave the TV on the one input (INPUT 1?) and then switch the sources via the Onkyo.

You might want to consider next adding a universal remote (say a Logitech Harmony of some sort, perhaps a 600 or 700?) which shouldn't break the bank and will automate all of the input and power switching for you. Someone was selling a Harmony "One" remote over in the classifieds area earlier for £45 (not me, I hasten to add) which would be ideal.

Enjoy your new toys!
Thanks for the advise Loada, do I need a certain type of HDMI lead as the choice is so bewildering and prices too! although I would rather have a quality lead.


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As a new Member of the Flat panel and Hi def AV club,you are a prime target for the Snake oil HDMI cable/Speaker cable salesmen.

You do Not need to spend £80 on a Monster HDMI cable. doing so will Not improve colour/clarity depth perception.

Any Cable that claims to be v1.4 is misleading you.No cables are classified by version,only the components that they connect. Cables come in standard or High speed.There is usually no or little price difference between them

Check out the HDMI cables HERE

Optical cables Aka Toslink, are subject to the same nonsense. THIS is a good example of what you should be paying and some would say that this is expensive!

At some time,you may be considering some Speaker cable? The same warnings apply.perhaps we'll cross that bridge when we come to it.

Good luck,

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Totally agree with Kubby about HDMI cables. I've used HDCable a fair bit and their cables are decent value. In the interests of full disclosure, I've had two defective cables from them in the past and they've always replaced them via next day post with no quibbles - good service. One was quite old and had been pushed against the wall at an odd angle (completely my fault) which had weakened the plug and caused it to split, the second exhibited a strange on-screen artifact with 36-bit colour HD signals (probably a manufacturing issue?).
Thanks again Kubby and Loada, that certainly is an eye opener :eek: I take it I over spent on the two I was sold by the RS salesman? :laugh: I will be looking to buy some decent speakers for the ONKYO Receiver. I didn't buy at the time as the wife didn't look too happy. ;)


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When I bought all my gear from RS the other day, the guy said I'd need a woofer cable at £20 (or £30, can't remember). But then said that if I bought a pair of standard phono cables, and just used one, this would work the same and be cheaper by £10. Since this was my first big buy from such a shop, I was expecting a long pitch about some earth-shattering and expensive wire but I was pleasantly surprised.

I also went with the very cheapest speaker cable they had on offer: 'Cambridge Audio Symphony 100' (AKA bits of copper wrapped up in plastic) for 99p per metre. My longest run is 6m and my speakers sound just fine. I should mention that this is my first surround system and don't have much to compare it to though.

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