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Have bought a Technika 2005 but cant set it up!

Have two scarts, one going to TV the other going to Sky+. Have an aerial type lead going from DVDR to Sky+.

Have managed to tune it in to Sky (I think) but the picture is green!

Also, thought I'd try and record something to see if it came out green - and when I put a disc in - the DVDR kidly asks me to insert disc!

I have DVDRW discs - which is what the man in Tesco told me to get!

As you may be able to tell by my terminology - I'm not that techie minded!

:lease: help - only have 2% left on Sky+!


Hi TraceyN

The green problem is probably due to it outputting in S-video.

Go into the menus as necessary and change it to output in RGB preferably, or if not - Composite.

Apparently these machines only accept DVD+Rs and DVD+RWs - so make sure those are the type you have.

The PLUS is the important bit.

DVD+Rs can only be written once.

DVD+RWs can be re-written.

Good Luck


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Cheers Gavtech,

You were right about the green screen - have that sorted.

the discs I have are the DVD-RW which is probably why it wont work - will take them back though as I bought the ones the man at the electrical desk told me I needed!!

Will make sure to get the + ones and finally start offloading some of the cr*p thats on Sky+!!

Thanks again for your help - you're a star!:thumbsup:

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