help setting up lg 42lm620t


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hey guys and girls, im james and im new on here. i finaly upgraded my 5 year old 32" sony lcd for a 42" lg lm620t led 3d etc, in the shop the picture was not amazing but i read online that with a certain setting on it it becomes 100 times better, i have my tv arriving today and cant find the post on what settings to adjust. the guy said there was alot you could adjust but gave a good setting for most tv and gaming and said the difference from factory setting was amazing.
please elt me know if you an help, if all else fails i could just try adjusting by switching to different programs and adjusting it until i get a happy medium.


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Welome to AVF James. The first thing I would do is get the TV off dynamic or vivid modes which seem to be on by default. On my Panasonic I have it set to Cinema mode which I've found to give me the most pleasing picture. If you have any thx or Pixar movies you will find calibration tools on the disc which can be used to set up the TV. Alternatively buy or borrow a copy of Digital Video Essentials. I'm sure if you search for your set in the TV forum you should find other user's settings which would give you a starting point. The online review sites often publish their recommended settings and don't forget AVF which also reviews kit. If you click on the Picture Perfect logo in the top left it will also give you some pointers.


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Try the Picture Perfect settings that AV Forums is currently promoting on most pages, I use them for my tv (same as yours) and I'm very happy with the picture. I use a different set for playing videogames though and change the display setting to Game when I need to, but for tv, streaming and everything else the Picture Perfect settings are great (as above, they are based on the Cinema display)

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