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Help setting up KEF eggs

Discussion in 'AV Receivers & Amplifiers' started by Ali K, Jan 9, 2005.

  1. Ali K

    Ali K

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    I have wall mounted KEF eggs set up in a 6.1 layout with a Q6C replacing the original center that has been assigned to center back, all running from a Yamaha 1400. Having run the Yamaha auto set-up I am receiving strange results. The amp sees the center as large (even though its range is only 50HZ to 27 KHz) and sets cross-over frequency at 200 Hz (which I believe to be far too high and have manually adjusted to 80 Hz). The parametric equiliser also sets certain bands at -10 db or +8 db which seems to be too extreme.

    Could anyone help me with the correct set-up? Should I just copy the seetings of the PEQ into the manual GEQ and adjust the more extreme bands a tad?

    My other question regards the phase adjustments and cross-over slope (-12 sb/-24 db)/frequency on the sub. My room is about 15' by 11' and rectangular with the sub on the left hand wall, some 4' away from the front left speaker. How do I determine the correct phase and dropp-off slope?

    Your help will be greatly appreciated

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