Help setting up EP4000


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I have endless problems with this amp and I must be doing something wrong.

I have the sub out on my processor going to a minidsp 2x4hd and the outputs 1 and 2 go into inputs 1 and 2 at the back of the Behringer. I use RCA to XLR cables.

I then use the Neutrik outputs from the back. Originally I had both wired using 1+/1- for the speaker cables. However I was only getting signal from Channel 2. When I have wired one neutrik connector to 2+/2- I now get a signal from the second sub, but it is still only the second channel that is working????

All the dip switches are pushed to the left, so this should be stereo mode. However, it seems to be working in parallel mode?

Also, should I have the low cut on or off? I would assume off. However, that seems to make the sound worse.

I am really tearing my hair out as I have sent it into repair twice and it used to work fine with both channels working and both cables wired
to 1+/1-.

I think I may buy a cheap second hand EP2500 or similar and power one sub with each one. The subs are 2ohms, so I can‘t run in bridged mode.

What I do find is the EP4000 gives a much better sound than my iNuke. I think it is because it is class A/B and not Class D.

Finally, sorry for having three threads covering similar things - mods feel free to delete the other ones. However, I feel this may be a problem that if solved will help others.


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I had an ep4000. I sold it and bought a T amp proline 3000. Way more powerful, had zero issues.
I saw that and did consider one, but the size… oh my!

I have picked up another EP2500 for relatively cheaply and will run one channel on each. If I am not happy I will get the Proline.

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