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Below is the thread I posted in Digital Cameras and Photography. I was told in that forum that I may get a better response here.


Hi Everyone,

I purchased the Sony DCR PC101E in May 2003. I am very pleased with it and it does exactly what I wanted it to do. However, due to exams and my computer being a real pain and not recognising the cam when I hooked it up I have only just managed to get the computer to work with it and am looking forward to some fun editing. (The problem seemed to sort itself out when I purchased a USB hub and connected via that for still pics - even though i was using a Firewire cable for the moving images.) Anyway we seem to be all sorted now.

So onto the real problem. Now the comp recognises the cam I was chuffed to bits that I was able to upload footage into Pinnacle V1.1.0.19 on the capture section. Practically ecstatic when I was able to edit it and add in titles, fades, wipes etc BUT when I came to make movie and importantly put it back in edited format onto a MiniDV tape it wouldn't do it!

I have rendered the project both under the Video tab and AVI tab. On the Video tab I clicked on the option "Send Record to DV deck" and when I click on go/play the camcorder does kick in but it seems to carry on whilst the computer sort of stops after about 2 seconds. Basically I'm in a mess with it all!!, to say the least and I can't have AVI files on the computer as within a month I'll have eaten any memory I have left!!.

My ultimate goal is to have my rendered films on MiniDV tapes for playback on the camcorder via the TV. I don't have a DVD writer in case anyone was wondering.

Many many many thanks in advance to anyone who has any suggestions, see me as a challenge!! I'll try and respond to any suggestions promptly so that if it doesn't work we can think on!!!! Basically HELP I'm a bit of a newbie in a digital camera dilemma in need of a lesson in this. I'm running Windows XP.

Tim Culverhouse

Hi Tim ! Did you try another FireWire cable? Sometimes IT is the culprit ...
This may sound like a stupid question but:

Your camcorder does have DV In doesn't it?
thank you Virgola and Networkguy for your speedy comments.

Virgola - I don't have another Firewire cable but I might try and borrow one today.

Networkguy - Believe me, where I'm concerned no question is a stupid question. I've checked and the cam does have DV in/out.
Hi Tim,

Looking on Pinnacle's site, the latest version of Studio DV is version 1.26a (dated 13th Jan, 2003). I'd strongly recommend you install this.

You also said that you've got just under 120Mb RAM in your PC. For video editing, this really is low. In fact, for running Windows XP this is not a lot and I'm amazed you've been able to do as much as you have! Really, 256Mb is a bare minimum, and 512Mb or more is recommended.

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