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Hi guys need your expert advice here before i buy the wrong thing. Basically i have a TV, Sky+ and a surround sound system. Currently i have seperate remotes for all and when i want to watch sky i have to press a button to start sky, press a button to turn the tv on and press another button to turn on the AV unit. I do this without thinking now however the wife and little one cant seem to manage it. What i want is a remote control that is simple to operate and program but will switch everything on with one button press, but also be able to mimic the functions of the Sky+ remote and all the features of the Surround Sound system

Any advice much appreciated



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You will see my kit list at the foot of this thread, and I control it all with a Harmony 655 Universal Remote - I had so-called universal remotes before but reckon they were rubbish - it wasn't until I got the Harmony that I changed my mind - even my wife (a complete technophobe) loves it, so much so that all the other remotes have had their batteries removed and have been put away into safe storage.

For your information, Harmony Remotes work in "Activity Mode" - e.g. one activity is "Watch TV" - in my system, I press one button marked "Watch TV" which turns on the TV, sets it to Input 1 (for the Sky+ box), turns on the Sky+ box and turns on my Denon Amp, setting the input to DBS, to pick up the sound from the Sky+ box. The volume control controls the amp and the channel change button controls the Sky+ box. All coloured buttons work the same as the ones on the original Sky+ remote.

I hope that gives you an idea as to how it works.

I know the 655 is not now readily available, having been discontinued, but you should be able to get something from their range that suits your needs and budget.




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I bought a remote from Lide last week for £4-99.its a great remote .It does all the things you want,and more.It has programmable macro,learning from original remotes,swiches everything off with one button,and its very easy to programme.Actualy I bought two for £9-98.They come in black and silver,and are very neat and slimline.They also have an lcd display which shows the codes for each device.It is the only universal remote I have ever been able to buy,that fully controls my Echostar satellite receiver.

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