Help! Samsung UE46D5520 vs UE46D5000

Discussion in 'What Is The Best TV For You?' started by moosic, Dec 29, 2011.

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    Hi Everyone, i'm in the market to buy a new tv. I currently own a samsung 32'' LED monitor and decided it's time to buy something bigger.

    I have a sky HD full sub, watch mainly sports, movies and xbox, i also have many avi and mkv files (mainly boxing) that i like to watch.

    I want to stick with samsung, as past experiences have been good, plus the design look sleak. So, i have finally narrowed it down to two - UE46D5520 vs UE46D5000, both 46'' LED screens and only slight differences as far as i can see.

    I have two questions for anyone out there - I'm after a tv that can play mkv's, avi's but NEEDS to be able to stream live football from the internet, eg 3pm ko's direct through the tv - I understand the D5000 can't do this, does this mean i would need a tv with the smart tv function ?

    And finally, in people's honest opinions, which tv is better, why, plus, am i completely wrong with what i'm looking at and should be looking at a different model ?

    Thanks in Advance.

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