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Question Help... Samsung TV / HT combo - restricts use of headphones!


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Help... Samsung TV / HT combo - restricts use of headphones!

Hi, I really hope someone can help me please - it would be really appreciated! To explain....

I have a Samsung 3D TV (Model UE32D6100SKXXU) and Home Theatre / Blu-Ray (HT-D5550/XU), along with Sky HD and Amazon Fire TV Boxes.

It's set up as recommended by Samsung - i.e. HDMI leads from the Sky HD and Amazon Boxes to the 2 HDMI inputs in the Blu ray player, and then an HDMI lead from the Blu Ray output to the ARC HDMI input on the TV. It all works as it should and we've been pretty happy with it.

However, recently I been exploring the possibility of using headphones with this set up (I work shifts and the other half's complaining of being kept awake by my late night viewing habits). The problem is that the TV has to be "paired" (using Samsung's Anynet +) for the above setup to work for all outputs. Once paired, no sound output appears to be possible from the TV. The TV has a headphone socket but as the TV isn't receiving sound it doesn't work.

If I plug the Sky box directly to the TV, it does output from the TVs speakers and I can use the headphones - but that means switching about the HDMI leads every time - not ideal and bound to break the equipment eventually.

When the devices are paired, most of the audio options in "Setup" for the TV are grayed out / inaccessible. However, in the Blu-ray audio "Setup" there's an option "HDMI Audio" (which can be set to OFF or ON) with the prompt "Toggle between TV and Home Theatre Speakers" with On being "output from TV speakers". BUT every time I turn this on and exit setup it reverts back to Off and the sound continues to output from HT speakers.

I spent 30 mins talking to a Support Tech from Samsung this pm and he blamed my "complicated setup" and explained that the equipment "clearly wasn't designed to work that way". I (politely) pointed out that it was set up as per their advice, wasn't that complicated, the equipment was bought around the same time and surely it's not unreasonable to expect to get a sound output either via HT speakers or through the TV / headphones.

Upshot is that the Tech (and his boss) reckon it just can't be done! He explained that the HDMI Audio option was "probably intended for use with non-Samsung TVs as the Anynet+ pairing appears to be override any changes to those audio settings".

Please, does anyone have any experience of the above or any suggestions as to a straightforward workaround? The blu ray player doesn't have any sound outputs (other than those to the HT speakers) so I can't go from there? See attached excerpt to see inputs/outputs for this model.

The only suggestion the Tech made was to use the optical output on the TV and a converter to a 3.5mm jack, but I really doubt that will work as it seems no sound is getting to the TV in the first place.

I did say to the Tech it's kind off crappy that this Samsung combo can't do this, despite having a headphone socket in the TV and the an option in the player to supposedly divert sound to the TV - he suggested it probably would have worked better if they weren't two Samsung devices...... there's perhaps a lesson there for me in future!

Anyhow, any help really would be very much appreciated... it's driving me mad!

Thanks all!


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