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Help Samsung F9000 4K TV UE55F9000STXXU

would you be happy ?

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Help Samsung F9000 4K TV UE55F9000STXXU

Noticed fault`s on TV replaced battery’s in two remote`s 2 times and still have fault`s after 3 months from purchased so no refund offered it had gone pass the 28 days it had to be a repair, So start off with a fault that can be reproduced .TV on for over 2 hours and if I press source button on any remote control the TV will not put up a menu but will turn off or restart.

Phone Samsung and booked a call out engineer, day of engineer to come out phone to say be with you in half an hour this did not give me 2 hours’ notice to turn TV on so no fault found asked to video fault I did and put it on DVD for workshop to see one week later no answer from workshop so phoned and was told someone would get back to me next week, week went by no phone call ,So phoned Samsung booked engineer again this time he came out he see the fault and fitted a new main board in TV yes you know 2 hours later same fault phoned Samsung up engineer to come out again 3 days later engineer came out see fault TV has to go in to workshop for up to 7 days, phoned up Samsung to ask about TV, told no fault found on TV coming back next day. Samsung and workshop said must be my equipment plugged into TV i.e. sky box, but I argued all equipment worked fine on two other TVs.

TV comes back so set it up on the dining table with a Dvico Tvix HD M-6500A media streaming box for 24 hours plug into HDMI 1 port No fault found, ( this is good )so I setup TV in living room as normal TV and yes 2 hours later same fault happens again , So I phoned Samsung and told them still have the same fault Samsung phoned workshop ( Visual FX in Thurrock) who tells Samsung TV was working to specifications it must be customers units plug into Tv Samsung then ask workshop for a full Report on TV so engineer booked for end of week to come out, Friday comes and knock at door engineer I have come to do a report on tv ( so no 2 hour notice) TV turns on no fault found same engineer that see fault when main board changed he said it must be your sky box I argued works ok on two other TVs only the F9000 plays up on and he puts maybe sky box in his report , and goes So I give it 3 days for Samsung to look at report and I phoned and told Samsung still not happy so they pass it up to Q&A told them the whole story and they would get back to me within the week. 3 days I phoned again Samsung said it must be my sky box not there TV so I phoned Sky up we have to go throw a routine to work out what to do, part one change HDMI cable I did, now phone back if this does not fix your fault ( sky charge £65 for call out and will give me new box if I have a new 12 months contract ) so I brought a 2013 recon sky box with 2 year warranty for £90 no contract it turns up and I plug it in and 2 hours later same fault and i only purchased because Samsung and visual FX told me it was my equipment .So Put old TV back to watch TV on , So I did some testing myself

F9000 on dining room table with for over 2 hours on each

New sky box plugged in HDMI port 1 No Fault

Old sky box plugged in HDMI port 1 No Fault

Dvico Tvix HD M-6500A media streaming box in HDMI port 1 No Fault

Samsung UHD demo on USB looping No Fault

Ok so what’s missing? Ethernet Cable

So I get a long cable and plug it in yes cable and not Wi-Fi 8 way switch behind TV

New sky box plugged in HDMI port 1 Fault

Old sky box plugged in HDMI port 1 Fault

Dvico Tvix HD M-6500A media streaming box in HDMI port 1 Fault

Samsung UHD demo on USB looping No Fault

So happy I have work out why workshop (Visual FX in Thurrock) did not find any fault with TV

Why would or should the Ethernet Cable be on the test if TV is working to specifications?

Well it is part of it is it not?

So phoned up Samsung went through to product Specialist Again and told them what I have found

Never heard of that fault before, sold thousands it does sound like it would be you’re one connect unit I will get it repaired.

Next day phone call from Samsung and email copy of email

Good Afternoon Kevin,

Thank you for contacting Samsung Customer services in regards to your UE55F9000STXXU, please accept my apologies for any inconvenience this has caused.

As discussed during our conversation we have cancelled the recent repair on your TV, as this is due to the previous repairs being deemed as a no fault found.

Our authorised repair centre has advised that the fault you may be experiencing is down to the equipment connected to the TV.

Due to this not being a manufacturing defect the repair has been closed down and would not be able to book any further service orders for this issue.

Once again I apologise that this isn’t the outcome you wanted, but this is Samsung’s stance on the matter.

If you wish to issue a further complaint, please find detailed at the bottom of my signature the postal address for the complaints department.

Thank you for allowing us to assist.

Kind Regards,

Charlotte B

Samsung Customer Support Centre

I will need a report on my TV but not from (Visual FX in Thurrock) does anyone have or know a company and cost of this in Essex?

Does your TV Do the same?

So I need help what would you do next?

Do I take Samsung to court?

Do I just put up with TV and be glad I spent £2600 on a great 4k TV?

What course of action should I take and how should I go about it?

Pulling my hair out sold a “all sing and all dancing state of the art flagship TV” and only 28 days to find a fault for money back

King Regards

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day after post product Speclalist phone me back and asked if this was my post ? yes i said , ok I am looking into who has stoped the repair i ask for , i will phone you back.

any way i have posted a link to a you tube video of fault link :

video: only Ethernet Cable and satellite cable plugged into one unit


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Now talking to senior customer support with product specialist. And now it turns out after some changes of Settings I.e. the DNS server settings and checking my firmware was 2006
Samsung now say it's my Internet connection or my router Copy of new email
Good afternoon

The product specialists have advised that after extensive testing, the issue that you have with your television cannot be replicated in the workshop, and as this problem only happens when the unit is in your home, it would appear to be related to your internet connection or router.

They have confirmed that the television is working to its specifications, and therefore we are unable to offer any further assistance regarding this matter.

If you feel that the television is not fit for purpose, then under the Sales of Goods Act, you need to contact your retailer for assistance, as the contract of sale is between yourself and the retailer, and not Samsung Electronics (UK) Ltd as the manufacturer.

I hope that this information is helpful.


So this is saying that they have checked my Internet connection at the workshop yes or not ?
As the TV hasn't been anywhere else apart from the workshop the only time at the workshop to prove otherwise and then it was my appliances at Fault

So my story develops even further and still no work in TV
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I am not happy with Samsung they gave me the wrong information on the TV they know it and don't want too know, the information they gave me lead me to purchase the TV. I'd stay away from Samsung the company they have gone to large and they don't care about the customers.
where are you I'm more than happy use my box.


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I am now in talks with the retailer who maybe replacing it .

but i am in Essex


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just come to a deal with my retailer to get a UE55HU8500 set for my F9000 but i have to give £500+ to him to get it good old Samsung if he had of give me a new F9000 i would have still had to spend out £400 more to get a new upgraded one connect box with hdmi 2 and hevc h265 so i went for the new Hu8500 comes in two weeks


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and i am so happy with the Hu8500 that works as it should , but i won`t be buying any more Samsung products in my lifetime through choice

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