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Just got a new Samsung D900 and everything is fine with it bar one thing - I've copied all my contacts from Outlook to the phone.

When I go to send a text message and send it to one of my contacts, depending on what contact it is it could be their home phone number, email address, or business number that comes up.

Now with my old phone (SE K750i) you just scrolled left or right with the joystick to select the number you want to use to send the SMS to. With the D900 there doesn't appear to have this option and I can't seem to change between numbers that are associated to a specific contact.

This surely can't be right? I must be doing something wrong or missing something surely?

I know you can go into the contact, select view and then the number and then send message which is fine but its not much use if I'm wanting to send the same text to several different numbers.

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