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Help Restoring Optoma Lamp Hours!!!


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Hello everybody, Today I accidentally did a factory reset on my Optoma 600X-lv Projector and aswell as me having to restore all of my settings, I have lost all of my hours on the lamp timer!

I had about 360 hours of usage on the timer and I came to find out that it had reset back to 0 along with everthing else. Will it be possible for me to manually enter the number of lamp hours into the timer or restore what I had before? I mean I hate having to feal guilty over silly little mistakes like this. I have also tried entering the service menu (POWER-LEFT-LEFT-MENU) and I can't see an option there either to sort it out, there is a setting for RS232 Control which can be set to (PC, Projector, etc. and I cant find anything. There was also a CW Index option but that didn't do anything, it alters the colours so I put it back on 100 (as normal I think), My Model is a EW536 Chasis, can anybody help?
The same happened to me with my Optoma and its rather annoying. I can't see the point of being able to reset the lamp hours to 0 unless you replace the lamp. It should only reset itself once you take the lamp out. I never found a way round the problem.

Tight Git, what do you find so :eek: about the question ? The OP just wants to reset the projector so it reflects the actual age of the lamp, rather than one that is false, which doesn't strike me as unreasonable.


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I think TG was commenting for exactly the point you said " rather one that is false" I am sure the OP was trying to put it back where it was but lets face it if you were allowed to put in a lamp count that was pre determined by the user how comfortable would you be when buying a used pj advertised with "only 200hrs use" if you knew the user could change the numbers.


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Anyway, for now I have just stuck a label underneath saying ~360 hours so I can add to the usage mentioned on the projectors lamp timer. I may think about reseting the lamp timer again when it gets to 640 hours which means 1000 reset hours, so I could add it onto the lamps actually time easier. The Total Projection hours also reset with it too! don't know what that means. I think I accidentally reset it in the service menu when I was just messing arround with stuff.

Tight Git

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"Total Projection Hours" are just that, namely hours in use since pj was new.

It's usually in a "secret" menu, so manufacturers can check lamp hours haven't been faked.

Which brings us full circle... :)

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