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Hey everyone..

Not sure if this is the correct place to post this, so if not, please move it MODS!
Ok, i have a month old Samsung R60 notebook, very happy with it, BUT, for some reason i am having problems burning DVD's and CD's. I use the same two softwares, ConvertXtoDvD, and NERO, and have had no problems whatsoever before. I use quality media, never burn at more than 4x, and dont have anything running in the background while i am burning. All my burns have been 100% and jump free with excellent results, especially on movies. But i am now getting an error saying "cd burner dirty".. now i hate to state the obvious lol, but i have run a brand new lens cleaner through it, and also blown it out, but still the same.
Dont know if it makes any difference, but i have burnt about 200 dvds, but it does have breaks between burning, i.e. when i am at work etc..
Just wondered if anyone had any ideas about what this could be, and what i can do, cos i am totally stuffed without burning my dvds, it would mean either a usb external hard drive or an external IDE burner as i am rapidly running out of space.. bloody 720p movies :)

Any help would be greatly appreciated as always.

Thanks guys
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