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I need a 3.1 system for the living room apx 5x4m. Only looking for small speakers. Looking to buy a new AV amp also wich would probaly be a budget amp ie; £200 Onkyo or similar. I like the look of the speaker systems listed below, They are all 5.1 systems so I could fit the rears later.

1/Monitor Audio Vector.
2/Q Acoustics 2000
3/Boston Acoustics S

All the above are within £50 of each other.
Thanks in advance Alan:thumbsup:


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First, why small speakers? And how small is 'small'?

Which Boston Acoustic system were you looking at? I can't find the "S".

The M-A Vector are well regarded, but I would not expect the Sub, on any of these systems to be great. OK... fine... but not great. They tend to be small, which limits the depth of response. However, small seems to be what you are looking for, and these will do the job within their capability.

The Q Acoustic 2010i and 2020i bookshelf are also well regarded in a system.

Again, I'm not sure specifically what Boston Acoustic speakers you are referring to, but they also have a good reputation. So, it is something of a wash. However, if I had to rank them, I would rank them are you have them listed, with the Vector at First, second the Q Acoustic, and third the Boston Acoustics. Though I don't think they are all within £50 of each other. The Complete Vector systems I'm finding are about £700, and the Q Acoustic 2000 are about £550.

Hopefully others with more direct experience will come along. Personally I would focus on the Top TWO from your list.

One additional point, the Q Acoustic can be upgraded, you can move from the small 2010i up to the larger 2020i bookshelf, and even to the 2050i floorstanding in front. There is no direct upgrade path with the Vector speakers. You can upgrade, but there are no other Vector speakers to upgrade to. However, you could replace the front three at some point in the future with Monitor Audio BX series. Or depending on your situation and needs, to the Monitor Audio Radius HD series.

As to the amp, spend what you will, but £200 for an AV amp is extremely lean. This does hinge on your expectation, if the are low and basic, a low cost amp might be enough for you. But as a general rule, we/I don't recommend AV amps below about £500, though you can frequently find £500 amps on sale or close-out for about £300. A £500 amp on close-out would be your best value in an amp that will last you a long time and serve you well.

Just one man's opinion.



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Cheers Steve

The speaker setups I have listed are all on offer, may be not the latest bit of kit but £600+ speakers for a reasonable £300 to £350. The Boston S Is a bigger version of the Boston Acoustics ES set.
Re the AV amp I see what you mean and I may look at my budget again.
Thanks for taking time to reply, Alan

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