help required with sound settings on Panny P50G20B please


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Looking for some help re. the sound, if this is the right place.

The TV is set up as both a monitor and a source for my Denon AV amp.

In other words when I'm using my PS3, HD Sky Box or DVD player, these sources output the video directly to the Panny via HDMI and the audio directly to the amp via optical.

When I watch anything using the TV alone, then I use the TV's optical out to the AV amp to get 5.1 as and when available.

However I have 2 additional sources whose only connection to my system is via HDMI into the TV. (A laptop and a droidbox). What I am unable to do and need help with is when these 2 sources output 5.1 is it possible for the TV to then output this 5.1 to the amp via the TVs optical out.

I have set all my TV's HDMI audio in to digital and the AV amp confirms that it is receiving optical digital in, but only DPLII, not 5.1.

I also checked this by playing a file on my laptop. Playing via DLNA the TV will output the 5.1 to the amp. Played via HDMI, it wont.

Is what I'm trying to do possible, is this set capable of passing through a 5.1 signal, or is there a setting somewhere I have missed ?

Apologies again if this is in not quite right place. If so will a moderator move it automatically ?

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