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    Hi All, I’d really appreciate your advice. I’m in the process of trying to ‘cobble’ a system together that I can use with my decks and mixer for house parties, so far I have managed to get hold of the following FOC:
    2 x 125w Speakers (8 ohms each), non branded.
    Arcam Alpha 5 plus Amp (40w both channels into 8 ohms, 80w one channel into 4ohms)
    Blaupunkt Velocity VXS15 Subwoofer speaker in handmade cabinet (600w RMS, 1800w Max)
    US Blaster 1368 4 x 80 Watt (2 x 160 Watt) Booster Car Amplifier.

    In addition to the above, I have a budget of £200’ish to spend.

    I have been looking around on the web, and have learnt a bit, but am still unclear on several (many) things, my questions are:
    1. With the above kit, Is it worth the effort, or am i wasting my time?
    2. Should I be wiring the 2 speakers in parallel, and then connecting to just one side of the Arcam amp (i.e left or right only), or should I wire the left and right sides of the amp up in parallel also, and then wire into the parallel wired speakers?
    3. I can take a separate feed from my mixer (Booth Monitor, Pioneer DJM-600S), and was thinking that I would use this to send to the US blaster amp (powered using a step-down to 12vDC), and then use this to power the subwoofer…….is this feasible, and if so how would I wire it, as the sub has 2 sets of speaker wires emitting from the box?
    4. What would you spend the £200 on?

    Think that’s it for now, many thanks in advance

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