Help required with Panasonic TX-32PL1


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I bought a TX-32PL1 in May.......overall I'm happy with it, but I have noticed an annoying fault. On a light background, the colour isn't perfect - I get what can only be described as "patches" of different shades of colour. This is particularly noticeable watching football/cricket, but is also apparent on DVDs, so I know its not a fault with my digital TV.
I had a 28" Ferguson before which didn't have this problem, so, is there anything I can do about this ?
Is it worth asking the Company I bought it from to send an engineer out ?


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I also have a problem with my TX-32PL1. Right in the centre of the screen is an area about 6cm in diameter which is slightly "duller" for want of a better word. It is only noticable when the image is bright or light in colour in that area. When the image is darker you can't tell. It is very noticable when viewing grass e.g. football or cricket etc., or areas of sky. It is there with sky, dvd and video so it is definitely the TV. I'm thinking of ringing the supplier soon and asking them to sort it out.

Just thought I'd mention it.




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Thanks Kris.
Sounds like the same fault as mine. I'm gonna ring the local
repairers today and get them out to have a look at it.
Let me know what success you have (if any !), and I'll do the

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