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Help required with HDMI cabling - 2 devices, 2 TVs


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I have recently bought a 2nd TV for the bedroom and would like to run a single HDMI feed to it, providing the signal from both my Sky HD box and my PS3 which are in the lounge with my main TV.

My thinking is as follows:

Use 2 HDMI splitters (one on the Sky box, one on the PS3), and take one cable from the output of the splitter on each into an HDMI switch box (just bought one from Aldi for £9.99).

The single HDMI output from the Switch box would then go on a long run (possibly some on an external brick wall) up to the bedroom TV.

The other cable from each splitter would provide a permanent feed into my TV in the lounge.


1. Is this the easiest / best / cheapest way?
2. Where's the cheapest place to get 2 splitters and a long cable from (approx 25 metres)? I've looked at www.kenable.co.uk but there must be plenty of other places.
3. Can I run it up an external brick wall? Will it be UV-resistant?

Any help would be much appreciated...


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Firstly HDMI is a complex beast and while one person can achieve satisfactory results with 'cheap' splitters, switches and cables, does not mean that someone else will. There are tonnes of compatibility issues. Cheap splitters can be found at hdcable.co.uk and tvcables.co.uk, both cost around £25. I use the tvcables one in my own system but I'm using 1m HDMI cables plus a 5m run to a projector which is well within limits. I think that going cheap when distributing HDMI over these lengths will only result in failure.

25metres is probably out of the question unless you go amplified. Have a read of this article. Over these lengths, I think you're looking at a cat5/6 networking solution e.g. LINK or LINK. There is a subforum dedicated to these solutions.

I haven't heard of anyone installing an HDMI cable outside. It would need protection from the elements and not just sunlight. I severely doubt an HDMI cable could cope with the changing British weather, so I personally would review how you are going to cable this.


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Thanks for your help. I can run the cable internally, it just means lifting carpets etc but it isn't a problem. I've measured it at 55 feet if I do it this way.

Kenable sell an amplified 20m HDMI cable for £32 inc VAT. Does anyone have experience of such long cable runs without using Cat5/6 cable?


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After doing more research I'm starting to think that using a 4x2 HDMI matrix might be my best bet, along with an amplified 20m cable which I will run purely internally under the edges of my carpet, avoiding tight corners.

Can anyone recommend a 4x2 matrix, I've seen some for approx £60 delivered on eBay (Hong Kong specials!), seems to be about £85 minimum for a UK supplied one.

I don't want to spend too much as my 2nd TV is only 22" (720p) - but we will be watching it from about 6 feet away so can tell the difference with an HD signal vs an SD one. I'll also get the benefit of the PS3 signal being sent to it also, for Blurays, DVDs, Games etc.

Thanks in advance..

Joe Fernand

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External HDMI - other than a few of the very high cost HDMI over Fibre solutions no cable I know is UV/Waterproof as standard.

Amplified HDMI - can be good; though adds another potential problem to the EDID and HDCP handshake chain and is 'pulling' power off of the HDMI signal bus.

Will it all work - only one way to know and that's to bolt it together and test it until you break it. Once your happy its working you can think about actually installing it.



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Drb99 / OP - Did you go down the Matrix route? Or come up with another solution?

Very interested to know as i'm after a similar set-up: (To watch PS3 and/or Virgin HD TV on different or both screens).

Downstairs - Plasma; PS3 & Virgin+ HD
| 10m HDMI
Upstairs - LCD; PC

Cheers, Greg


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I've just purchased a Pro2 HDMI matrix (about 80quid ish) from HDCables to something very similar. Not got it yet so post back on my experiences when I get it.

My setup is reasonably similar, PS3, Sky HD and Plasma in lounge and 10m HDMI to LCD in the dining room.

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