Help required what tv do you recommend?


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I am looking to but a flat screen TV. I have read lots of stuff and it is all so confusing. Currently have an old Sony Trinitron.

I know I want one that will fit on the wall, probably about 32". I like the idea that on some you can turn up the volume of the main characters but keep the background talking lower, so would like one that does this effectively.

I don't watch a lot of sport, sometimes films, don't use it for games either.

I am linked to virgin cable, so it would need to do that, and be able to play from my camcorder.

I have seen some that will play a film that is downloaded on a computer - sounds cool, but maybe a bit excessive.

Can any of you experts tell me...what is the best make and model for my basic needs?



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The only thing you mention which I don't see as available is turning up the volume of the main characters. This is more likely to be a feature of surround sound systems rather than the TV.

I'm not sure about other brands but the Sony TV's offer something called voice zoom which enhances the dialogue whilst keeping the background sound low. I don't know how effective it is though.

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